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August 11, 2007


Stella & Kevin Kuperberg

Hi Steve & Henry,
First of All, WONDERFUL WEBSITE!! Absolutely Amazing. The insight is interesting, delightful recipes & above all, nice conversation. Anyone who is involved with this site should feel warm & tingly all over. Green with Envy I am. All kidding aside, you guys are more talented & entertaining than anyone I know. Can't wait to follow your advice on all of the informative topics, & well frankly, I'm THRILLED with the fact that your recipes make ours look like stuff that has been recycled from a "cheapie type place!!!"
NICE GOING!!! Get ready, because if the food looks this good on paper, can I please request that you send some over???

The most important thing...... Getting Steven Better....... I am Very glad that you are home, where you can heal. XOXOXO through my computer to yours,

Cheers from Stella!

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